Gyn Urgent Care

MWWC is offering urgent care for women with gynecological needs that require immediate attention. Most women have to wait 6-8 weeks or longer to be seen by an Ob/Gyn. If seen at an emergency room or general urgent care center, you will not be seen by a provider that specializes in women’s health, costs can be excessive and wait time can be extremely long. With MWWC you no longer have to wait. You will be seen by a Midwife who understands the special needs and concerns of women.

Common symptoms that can be discussed via our secure telehealth platform:

  • Vaginal itching/Discharge
  • Pelvic Pain Heavy
  • Menstrual Bleeding
  • STD testing
  • Irregular Menstrual cycle
  • Pain while Urinating
  • Emergency Contraceptive-Ella
  • Frequent Urination
  • Postpartum/Breastfeeding Concerns

*Please note that some conditions may require additional assessment, physical exam and follow up. Feel free to schedule an appointment for a personalized visit if you feel your condition will need more time. Appointment times are available weekly.

All gyn urgent care visits are conducted virtually from the comfort of your own home via a secured telehealth platform.

Step 1

Simply click the forms button and complete the gyn urgent care packet.

Step 2

Next step, make your payment via the scheduler payment link. Go to calendar choose time slot and make your payment.

Step 3

Then click the link to enter the virtual gyn waiting room and one of our Midwives will be happy to assist you.